Sunday, May 22, 2011

Take a seat

The seated poses are without question one of the most fundamental sections of any yoga practice and building a solid seated practice is important to building a home practice.  Generally seated poses incorporate forward bends for lengthening the body, twists for detoxification, and abdominals for building a strong core.   You can also work on opening your hips in your seated practice.  In seated poses gravity works as a gentle friend to help you lengthen into the pose and most of these poses can be modified to suit any level.  Another aspect about seated poses is that most of them are inward facing and therefore promote a sense of calm.  Focus on this calming introversion to get the most out of your seated practice.  

Below are some links with lists of possible seated poses.  As you go through these you can think about the different emphasis you can take with each practice.   Some days you might want to focus on deep forward bends for lengthening while other days the focus will be on opening the hips.  Each practice should contain five to ten minutes of abdominals.  Follow your seated practice with your backbends and a closing section.  Remember the more time you spend on your seated and closing poses the calmer and more gentle your practice will be.  Enjoy the peace that they bring.


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