Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yama Yoga in the middle east

Yama Yoga is a yoga studio based in Doha, Qatar.  We have two branches and as you walk into one of them, our new one which we have just opened at the Ritz Cartlon in Doha, you overlook the Persian Gulf or Arabian Sea (depending on your politics) and Qatar's new island - The Pearl.  It is an amazing place to be, a more amazing place to be teaching and practicing yoga. 

I thought I would start this blog to talk about yoga in the middle east - yoga as we practice it, yoga as we experience it.  I have also been writing and publishing articles on yoga for the last three years and I wanted to have a place to put them all together. So the blog will offer some articles I have written as well as random reflections on teaching yoga in a conservative middle eastern society and how to balance on the political edge.  Yoga is personal but although you can get away from the idea of yoga being a religion we can't get away from the recognition that it is political.  Yogis have an agenda - yoga is our tool.  Transformation is the goal.

But welcome to the Yama Yoga blog.  Please share your comments.  Valerie